25 & Single

At 25 all of my girlfriends are either married, engaged, or shopping for rings. It’s so hard for me to believe because I still feel like we were just in college… oh yeah because we were. Well, while everyone else seems to be trying on white dresses and rehearsing the words “I do,” I’ve recently found myself single. Please tell me someone else has hit this point in their life, the point where you realize all of your friends are married and you’re… single. I don’t think single would really bother me except that I’m single after dating someone I’ve known since pre-school, someone I could picture that white picket fence with, and someone whose family I found myself becoming more and more a part of. As silly as it may sound, it was a life-changing experience and even more so now… another life-changing experience. It’s hard when two lives find themselves at a cross-road and they either make it down together or choose separate paths. I guess this year was our turning point. So now, here I am, a 25-year-old girl surrounded by married friends, armed with a bucket list miles long of things I want to do, and a drive inside to get this adventure started. Priorities have changed and the world is waiting to be conquered. So here starts the adventure…

4 thoughts on “25 & Single

  1. Wow! Lia, I feel so inspired by your story. Thank you for being so candid and honest about your feelings. It is so touching to be a part of your new journey in life, even if it’s just through reading your blog posts! You’re amazing!

  2. I’m new to wordpress…and so far im loving your page! the videos to Arizona, wish i could travel. Ive been wanting to travel for a few yrs now, especially after i went to visit my family in NM for my 21st birthday, but it just hasn’t happened yet. when i finally find that dream job Ive been looking for to pay for such traveling, I’m afraid i wont have anyone to take along with me. I’m also, kind of, in the same position as you. all my friends are married and/or have kids. its hard for them to do anything anymore. I’ll be 23 in august and i feel so alone most of the time.

    • Tiffany, as someone advised me, save every penny you can. I started off by just saving $25 every paycheck… it adds up after awhile. As you can, increase that amount. It’s very worthwhile! It makes it hard when you’re at this age and it’s such a huge transition when it feels like “everyone” is getting hitched except you. But I promise you, as I have, you’ll acquire new outlets and friends that are in similar positions as you are. It’s made me a lot more independent and comfortable in doing adventures solo. Sometimes solo adventures introduce you to some of the coolest people and experiences, not to mention the self-esteem boost when you realize you can actually do all of this independently! I wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll keep up with the blog. 🙂

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