Turkey vs. TV… and the winner is…

Evidently Black Friday is more than just an early morning with incredibly good deals… it’s a day (or  days for some) that families have turned into a holiday tradition… Who needs turkey and mashed potatoes, when there are 42″ flat screen TVs for $199 at Best Buy? I can’t say I’ve ever experienced this desire that so many Americans seem to have for shopping at 12am after the turkey puts its magic sleepy spell over you. Not only that, I can’t say I’m much for shopping in the first place. Add a stampeding crowd full of feisty old ladies and cranky teenagers hopped up on energy drinks and coffee into that mix and you can most certainly eye me headed in the opposite direction, no matter how much of a steal these sales may be. So I can’t say Black Friday has really ever been a dream of mine or made it to my bucket list, although, I can see where those deals would be appealing… or at least energy drink & sleep deprived worthy. So obviously, I was naturally intrigued by the thought of camping out days in advance just for a sweet deal… and so tonight, my friend and I wondered over to Best Buy to get this week-long-Black Friday camper’s story. What was the underlying motivation here? Please.. please enlighten me. I’m all about trying new things, so lets hear this guy out.

So, I walk up to his tent and simply introduce myself, I ask him “Why so early, why now, and when exactly did you set up camp?” And with that, he tells me his story. Evidently he and his nephew have been doing this for six years, when they started they found themselves in the back of the line wrapped behind stores further away than a multi-zig-zagged Kings Dominion Amusement Park line could ever dream of becoming. Each year arriving earlier and earlier, putting them closer and closer to the front. The last three years, however, he told me he’s been first in line (immediately my mind pictured Charlie running through the streets with the golden ticket from the chocolate bar… normal thought though right?).

But why set up camp on Monday, four days before the sale? Eh that’s simple. While he was prepping for his campout, filling up his kerosene for his generator, he ran into the brother of guy who landed in second last year. Brother, talking candidly and quite unfiltered, (kinda bad for any sneak attacks or sale snaggin’ strategies… if you ask me, brother just can’t be trusted) tells all of guy #2’s plans for being first… little did he know, he was ruining guy #2’s chances… “Oh so he has plans for setting up camp earlier this year, huh, how interesting…” Well uhduh… good job brother, way to lose out on your chances of a sweet Christmas present, way to ruin that one. So, my buddy Pat Davis, of course he decides, no sir… third time’s the charm… first place is the only place to be (my kinda man). And there you have it. He hangs out, gets Thanksgiving brought to him (and gets out of that horrendous cleanup we all dread after the tryptophan sets in), his nephew gets to play video games all day for free, annnnd he’s going to get TWO 42″ flat screen TVs for only $199 this year… I’d say, pretty good storyline, but that’s just me. Whaddayathink?

Pat Davis, retired Navy, Fredericksburg resident of 13 years. I think you’re awesome (seriously) 🙂

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