The Truth About the Holidays

You know, I love my family like everyone else… But sometimes I really think they’re all crazy. I know deep down they mean well and maybe at times their “crazy” is what I love so much about them… Individually (all together in one room or two even is just too much crazy for one space to survive… The poor kitchen, i feel your pain).

Now, Thanksgiving is a day we all look forward to for time to spend with family and friends. A time for relaxing and enjoying a break from our hectic lives. Or at least this is what we tell ourselves so we feel less guilty about being possibly more excited about stuffing our bellies, watching football, and napping mid-afternoon. Still, with all the build up or sugar coating, I know each of you find yourself dreading spending the day with “that” family member, you know you have one… There’s always at least one in every family. The aunt who squeezes your cheeks and says how cute you are as if you’re still that four year-old with the cute poka-dot ribbon that’s half pulled out of your hair that your mom insisted you wear to every holiday gathering. Yeah you know what I’m talking about. Or maybe you’re a boy, and you don’t… In that case ignore my rambles.

I just always find it entertaining the lead up to holidays where everyone gets so excited for that warm and fuzzy feeling, then by the end of the night you’re anxious to be alone in a quiet room with a nice glass of wine. So let me give you my secret to a great holiday… Pump up the music on the long dreaded drive and rock out… Rock out to the point that the passing cars look, point, and smile… Wondering, where is she going for the holidays? I bet her family is awesome! Let’s go where she’s going! Ha… If only they knew.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy your family, even the crazy ones 😉

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