Every Girl Has a “that girl” Moment…

Now, let me first start by saying I pride myself in being a girl that I think can hang with the guys pretty decently well. All growing up I had more guy friends than girl friends, so over the years I’ve enjoyed being that token girl friend. With that said, I need you to know that no matter how “cool” a girl is, we allllll have at least one “that girl” moments in our lives, it’s just part of the nature of being a female (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself to justify my moment).

For those of you who don’t know, Spielberg is directing the movie Lincoln in good ol’ Richmond, Virginia which may have casted JGL (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), meaning he may be seen in Richmond over the next few months… and by may I mean he has been seen and will definitely be seen more in the coming months. Naturally, my childhood crush from his role in Angels in the Outfield has resurfaced with each character he has played over the years (minus 3rd Rock from the Sun – adored him in it, but can’t say there was a crush involved), possibly the most important being his role in 500 Days of Summer (yes, I may have fallen in love with the quirky Tom… but the soundtrack could have possibly blinded me and swept me off of my feet…Yea I think I’ll just blame it on the soundtrack… Wouldn’t be fair to give JGL all the credit). So obviously, when I found out he will be in Richmond filming, I possibly got very hopeful… fate? Ha… Okay, I’m not that crazy… (but seriously… anything is possible, right?).

Well so, this past weekend (more specifically Friday night) I was up late working on a few social media projects when I noticed my friend’s Facebook status update:

I was sitting on my sister’s couch in my sweatpants and thermal shirt just reading this over and over to make sure this was really there on my computer screen. Yep it was there, I was not hallucinating from staring at my screen for too long… Jeff posted Joseph Gordon-Levitt was at Joe’s Inn now on Facebook and we all know, if it’s on Facebook, it must really be true… so what do I do?! My mind yells at me to get movin’ put on those cute boots, fix your makeup, pull back your hair, and get down to Joe’s Inn already! DUHhhh! So that’s what I did… ran upstairs to grab my jeans, boots, maybe change outta that thermal shirt… into something a little less sleep-obvious, grab my keys and out I run (if timed, pretty sure I’d beat any girl get-ready time record out there).

Joe’s Inn is only a few blocks from my sister’s… so I needed to think quick. How would it look if I just burst into the small bar by myself, that might be a little obvious… Wouldn’t want the regular Joe to have any reason to ignore me… okay, think think think… who is in town? Uh… crap… everyone went home for the holidays, my sister was asleep… uh uh…hmmmm… Oh yes! Jeff! He’s there! Soooo calling.calling.calling… come on answer… Jeff…. answer… “Hello..?” YES!!! Plaaaaay it cool…And this is how our conversation went:

Me: Hey Jeff… I saw your post on Facebook, I was just curious, is your status true? Is JGL really at Joe’s Inn?

Jeff: HAHAHAHAHAHA… uh… I do have a friend that looks just like him here though, does that count?

Let me add of course I was already outside of Joe’s Inn at this point… just sitting there… stunned at first, then laughing out loud as I sat in my car at 1am by myself realizing I was “that girl”… yes, the “cool” girl I thought I was, that I prided myself in being, just became a complete and total crazy girl in about 2.3 seconds. Thank you Facebook for your lies… and to think I trusted you with your honest “lol’s” and “smh’s”… or the often quoting of deep lyrics so we can relate to someone’s broken heart or pissed off rants… oh how will I ever take anything seriously on there ever again. (It’s cool that I just humanized Facebook right?… I’d say fair game, but I am the crazy one evidently).

This was confirmed by my sister’s friends the next day as I told them all my adventures the night before when one asked, “so what would you have done if he was actually there?”… I simply looked at him and said, “Obviously I would have introduced myself and asked him if I could take a picture for my blog so that I could scratch it off my bucket list…” Figured this was a given, but no, I got the “oh you are so that girl” look.

Thus concludes my attempts to meeting The Regular Joe at Joe’s Inn in Richmond on Black Friday and embracing my “that girl” moment (They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, on to step 2?)… Until next time JGL, until next time.

2 thoughts on “Every Girl Has a “that girl” Moment…

  1. I love love love this blog post. It’s totally something I would have done. Even though I’m a boy. We can all be “that person” every once in a while.

    I’m currently reading all of your blog posts. So get ready for more comments.

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