2012… Live a little

It’s a new year and in many eyes that means it’s the opportunity to make a change. While it seems as though people start the new year with good intentions, most tend to wander off that path (ignore how unscientific this is… still illustrates my point haha) after only giving it a trial run for a month into the new year. This year my resolution is to channel a specific postcard from postcardsfromgusto.com that my sister sent me on my birthday back in October. 


I have this post card sitting on my desk as a reminder of how I should live my life. These words move through me day in and day out so that I can continue to remind myself to:

“Have fun. Let go. Dance, Skip, Leave early. Take a walk in the middle of the day. Sing. Move. Celebrate. Draw someone closer. Take a risk. Laugh. Leave it. Love with more zest. Take deeper breaths. Make a mess. Try less and play more. Surprise someone. Surprise yourself. Be led by your spirit. Imagine. Dream. Break a rule. Say yes often. Get butterflies. Hug with both arms. And oh… Fall deeper in love with your life.”

Day 1 of 2012 looked a little like this:


Here’s to dancing… Thanks Gusto (and Martina) for the inspiration.

2 thoughts on “2012… Live a little

  1. Where is the LOVED IT button?
    So amazing especially the lift and the spin!! You guys should take the show on the road . . . do you salsa? Just 1 other question – what does it say on your dancing partners shirt? You guys were shaking it so much it was “but a blur”?

  2. Haha you have a valid point… I think we may plan an international tour. Like dancing with the stars, but better. And his shirt says: Red Dead Redemption (a video game).

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