Chicago is by far my favorite city out of all cities I’ve visited thus far (which doesn’t mean it can’t still be beat, but it’s a tough one… so cities, you better step up your game in 2012). Since my very first visit when I was about 11 with my mom, sister, and brother, I was hooked. I was fascinated by how nice everyone was, how clean the city appeared, and the weather… incredible (of course it was Summertime… so I was clueless to the reality of this statement). When two of my best friends moved there about three years ago, I cannot even begin to express how envious I was (and still am). However, I benefit from this (muhahah… evil plan inserted here), I now have a place to stay when I’m needing a get-a-way or an escape from reality – and what better place to escape – sorry guys, you’re stuck with me. Between my last two trips, I have experienced a side of Chicago I had never met before… (now hooked is just an understatement).

These people I’ve met make my desire to stay longer that much stronger. Their electrifying personalities, contagious giggling, outrageous jokes, obscene adventures, and laid back attitudes are like none I’ve stumbled across before. There is this lack of fear or care of how they may come across to the world, they are who they are, regardless. This I admire.

Back in October when I was there with my married & engaged amazingly-awesome friends we were all planning an adventurous exploration of speed dating for the meer fact that I wanted to write about this experience. Seriously that was the reasoning and my friends are that awesome that they were willing to play along, take their rings off and entertain my curiosities (thanks friends you rock). However, upon looking into it we realized it was $50?! Oh heck no… sorry it’s not that serious. Still I was bummed, I was really looking forward to the alias we each had, the outfits we’d discussed, and our stories we had developed… oh well, just wasn’t meant to be.

But of course “just wasn’t meant to be” didn’t keep me from harping over my disappointment (yep, I brought it up on more than one occassion… get over it and welcome to my life). Just so happened I mentioned it to the “wrong” (or right depending on how you look at it) person. I explained my blog idea and development, my want to go speed dating, and my excitement for getting back into writing again. He stopped mid-step at an intersection, pointed to an abandoned table and a closed bar. “So let’s do it, you wanna speed date, what’s stopping you, there’s a table. Get your story straight, turn your camera on and sit down.” Ha. Talk about being put on the spot. I sure do talk a big game, never had someone really hold me to my shenanigans. Okay… crap, forgot my story. Time for a new one. (It sucked, not gonna lie, very uninventive and unoriginal… oh well. roll with it.)

Disclaimer: if you can’t handle adult language, sarcasm, dark humor, or made-up obscene stories – this video is not for you – sorry, the truth hurts.


2 thoughts on “Chicago.

  1. you are such a bad liar on the spot! ahahahaha. oh, and you forgot how good the hipster watching is in Chicago, which happens to be my fave part of the city 🙂

  2. Haha, being a bad liar isn’t always a bad thing! 😉 But yes there are a lot of things I left out about the trips to Chicago, I’ll work on cranking out those stories in days to come.

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