Why I’d never survive an online dating site…

So the new wave is to hop online, shop around, and find yo-self a new man just like those pair of Jimmy Choo’s you bought on eBay from shoemaniac867 last night after 22 hours of clicking refresh to make sure you outbid jcsbiggestfan01. Unfortunately (or I think fortunately… as guys are very different from shoes)… I’m a bit behind on this new fad. I just can’t see myself hopping on Match.com or eHarmony to find my soul mate no matter how convincing, heart throbbing, or fairy-tale-esque those commercials make the process out to be…you are still sitting online just scrolling through pages of pictures “shopping.” Have we really become that lazy? (Wait that was harsh… sorry). Seriously though, I’m not necessarily knocking those who do it… but why is it that our culture has become so consumed with being “busy” (or maybe I don’t need quotations there), that we expect everything… even our soul mates at the snap of a finger. Don’t you miss the excitement of meeting someone new through some coincidence and wondering if it’s fate (like that movie Seredipidty… not going to lie, I want to try that sometime… what happened to the day of writing phone numbers in random books and letting the guy search for years to find it before being able to call you… how romantic… yep, those were the days).

Our society has justified the online dating to such a high extent that you no longer blink an eye when someone boldly says, “I met him on Match.com.” Knowing in reality this really means, “I looked through his pictures, attempted to read between the lines of his profile, fell for his exaggerated description, looked past the fact that he didn’t look like his picture, ignored the red flags that screamed I live in my mom’s basement and torture little girls in the corn field after dark… basically I stalked him, but it’s cool… because the commercials tell me it’s romantic.”

I just don’t get it… I think I’ll give the Lemon Law (talk about bucket list worthy – that’s change for America, Barney Stinson style) a go-around before I attempt online dating 101.

2 thoughts on “Why I’d never survive an online dating site…

  1. Hahaha – this is brilliant. Online dating. Oh, done it. It ain’t so romantic. My friend Kat and I have a blog we *just* started that’s actually anonymous (ish!) because it’s so disturbing.
    http://disappointedlove.wordpress.com – please do come laugh along with us 🙂

    also… Serendipity. Love it. But people don’t meet organically that much anymore.

    • Oh my sister totally writes a blog about her match.com dates, they’re the funniest stories! She doesn’t keep it up like she promised she would. I wish she’d write more, her stories are hilarious! I’ll check out your blog for sure!

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