Channeling the Honey Badger

What do the San Francisco 49ers, a Chicago girl’s night, Steve Harvey, and the Honey Badger all have in common? Please let me explain.

Well it all began with a book, a Steve Harvey book to be exact. Some of you may have heard of it: “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” Now this book was given to me by my mother shortly after my last relationship ended (evidently even she thinks I have no game – no, not offended at all…). As I began discussing the idea of this book with my Chicago friend, who shall remain nameless, we found humor in it. If Steve Harvey wrote a book on relationships (and wait… there’s even a movie now… this man is genius I tell you), it must be entertaining to say the least. Well the more we pondered this concept “Act like a lady, think like a man,” the more we realized how wrong all of us females truly were in the dating game. AH! Epiphany! Why don’t we host a summit over the holidays in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency for all those fine ladies that just don’t have a clue, suggested pretty lady who shall remain nameless from Chicago. Uh duh… why didn’t I think of this?! (Okay, so this may not be on my bucket list, but I’m pretty sure I always wanted to host a summit on relationships… who wouldn’t?) We’re perfectly capable at teaching this concept… certified even, (by way of book reading and Steve Harvey mimicking).

So this is where the honey badger (Oh the honey badger is just craazeeey… it’s pretty badass) comes in… Now for those of you who don’t know these fabulous Narrations by Randall… you should catch yourself up to speed. I was sent this YouTube video a long time ago and tend to reference it in random conversation in hopes of channeling the Honey Badger’s spirit and bold behavior, often bringing looks of “is this girl sane” to many faces. But Honey Badger don’t care, so why should I? In planning this “summit” of ours we decided it was necessary for a review process to demonstrate how to “act like a lady and think like a man.” In fear of backing down to the challenge and letting these fine Chicago ladies down without a proper “how to” lesson, pretty lady who shall remain nameless and I decided we would channel the Honey Badger… (Honey Badger don’t care, it just takes what it wants). Now this became the overwhelming theme of the trip. If anything went wrong, we asked ourselves WWHBD (What Would Honey Badger Do… for those of you still trying to sound out the acronym). It seems we were not alone in this thinking.

Da da de daaaaa… Now for the 49er’s grand entrance to my long drawn out story…

Have you seen their strategy? This coach has won over my heart. Yes sir, you have. While I fell in love with SF (the city) a few years ago, I can’t say I was ever a 49er’s fan until this moment (click the link it’ll all make sense… well almost, let me also add  that Steve Harvey compares his book to the opponent’s (the male species) playbook… Coming around full circle… now does it make sense? Good, I thought it would). Actually, while I’m quite the Saints fan (please Saints earmuffs for what I’m about to proclaim) I do believe their story swept me off my feet. Talk about adventure, true channeling of the Honey Badger… you are my heroes.

And I leave you with Narrations By Randall. Happy Hunting!

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