The Greater The Risk (with more than one meaning)

Packed in a creepster van with instruments, a fair amount of equipment, 4 band guys, one talented young lady, annnnd my bee slippers (yes I said bee slippers… keep reading and I’ll kindly introduce you) we made our way north on I-95 towards New York.Yep, my groupie status may have hopped up a notch this weekend. It’s cool, they’re my friends… I was their first fan… literally, but that’s another story… this one is good too, or at least I think so (is that like laughing at your own jokes?… gosh I hope not, because if so… that makes my stories pretty lame… I do laugh at my own jokes though… dang it). Anyway! Focus! Back to the van…

Now don’t get the wrong idea, while my trip was not fully planned out past the fact that I knew I needed to be in New York this particular weekend, (the greater the risk… the more fun the trip (sometimes))… there was no hitch-hiking involved (see parents, I’m a pretty reasonable child, I don’t take rides from strangers… please enjoy a proud moment here) just maybe a Facebook stalk or two of a few wall posts back and forth between a couple Ashleys that may have involved a really rad band tour along the northeast coast with possibly 6 inches to spare for an extra booty in exchange for a video camera at their Angels & Kings debut in the Lower East Side. I so kindly volunteered myself (or invited myself… however you wish to view it) for this fantastic adventure north, well because of course, I had ulterior motives (it’s cool, they know)… and what’s a road trip without me? (Yes… inappropriate cockiness, please pretend you never read that… strike through & re-read).

What ulterior motives? Oh so funny you should ask (I was going to tell you anyway). You see, Jan. 17th was one of my best friend’s… let’s call him J-Weavs… birthday, his 25th to be exact. Now since we were sophomores in college, I’ve graciously par-taken in these outrageous celebrations each year and I realized this would be the first I would miss… how could I miss this one? Nope not gonna happen. “Here’s the plan…” whispers MJ-Lucy into the phone, “I’ll get J-Weavs into Doc Holliday’s, distract him as you walk in, you come tap him on the shoulder and confuse the poor guy!” Done. Good ol’ J-Weavs never saw it coming. Fantastically planned. Hats off to you MJ-Lucy, an accomplished actor you are. A few beers and many bourbon & Cokes later, J-Weavs, MJ-Lucy, Ash-key & I  found ourselves participating in old Richmond antics of leaving outrageous voicemails to those innocent bystanders so sadly missing out (we will not apologize for the inappropriateness of these messages), getting asked to close our tabs because we were being… well too “Richmond,” and 4:30am scavenger hunts back to the world of spanish music and turkey sandwiches in the snow.

This weekend, New York literally became a Richmond playground for The Greater The Risk (like them on Facebook, they’re awesome), J-Weavs, MJ-Lucy, Ash-key, and me. Even Lady Liberty decided to come out to play. BOOP. (Watch Superbad if you’re lost… or refer to the life and times of Re-Becky & Em for further explanation of the disastrous dangers of booping). I must say, these cities, get me every time… they make it harder and harder to return back to my stomping ground of crickets and star-gazing (as peaceful as that is), my bees for one sure do enjoy the socialization…

Thank goodness for band vans, groupie supporters (aka The Greater The Risk – you all are wonderful), the mega-bus, birthdays and sneaky college friends that are up for surprising clueless J-Weavs. NYC = success.

(Now, let me introduce you to my bee slippers… I hope you aren’t too disturbed… I swear I’m sane, they’re just too cute not to travel with):

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