Stranded with no money and no gas… I can scratch that off the bucket list.

Stranded may be a bit of an exaggeration, but that’s how I felt tonight. After leaving a late meeting my gas light went off, so I figured I’d run a quick errand then stop for gas and head home (home being thirty minutes from town – where I was). I pull into Target reach into my bag… no wallet… um… it’s kind of a big thing to miss… it’s got to be in that Mary Poppins bag of mine… turn on the light… nope… still… nothing. Okay, I thought, no big deal, I can run my errand tomorrow. Start driving in the direction of home… glance at my dashboard… Yep, no way that amount of nothingness was going to get me home tonight. Still, wasn’t too stressed, I’d just call my brother ask him to bring me a few dollars so I could get home. Ring… ring… ring… ring… ring… ring… ring… ring… ring… ring…………….. (okay… another exaggeration, but this is how it felt). Stress level rising. I looked in my center console, my glove box, my coat pocket, my purse again just to see if maybe by chance I had left any money out of my wallet at some point. Nope, no luck. Stress level still rising. I call my sister. Plus side, she answered… Down side, she lives and hour away and Sheetz can’t accept payment over the phone (understandable and I don’t knock your policy, no sarcasm, lady behind the counter was nice) Stress level rising even more… Down-down side, I may have cried in the gas station out of A. frustration and B. embarrassment (yep, I’m a girl and yep, I cried… even more embarrassing, I know) Stress level extremely high… Major -up side, nice business man offered to put $5 on pump 3 for me. You are amazing… seriously, thank you.

Out of all the feelings I felt tonight, most important… I hope I can return the kind favor to someone in need that this gentleman offered to me. Not that I wish for someone to have no money and no gas and have no way of getting gas to get home, but I hope that I’m in the right place at the right time to offer a kind gesture to someone who really needs a helping hand. This I’ll add to my bucket list and look forward to the day that I can return the favor.

Thank you mister nice business man, whoever you are, you helped me get home tonight. I hope something really good comes your way and soon. πŸ™‚

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