I’m no less clumsy on wheels

Did you know roller rinks still exist? (Well good for you, I didn’t). I stumbled upon this blog a month ago about a woman who took her children rollerskating and how much of a workout it was. Reading her words brought back fond roller-memories from my childhood… the dingy old carpets that gave off this magical musty-ish scent as you walked through the doors, the excitement of renting skates doused in lysol (or whatever disinfecting residue they used in between feet use), the days you anxiously awaited the next birthday party with the big rollerskate on the invite, the butterflies that fluttered when you heard the slow song over the speakers and hoped Johnny B. Goode asked you to skate on the “couples only” skate (everyone wanted to skate with Johnny B. Goode) and of course that fearless nature you had when you were young… (who needs padding, falling is for the weak). I had no idea those days still existed! (Don’t judge, I don’t have kids so how would I know roller rinks weren’t just a thing of the 80’s).

After reading this blog, I forwarded it to my go-to adventure woman and the conversation went a little like this:

“hey woman, wanna bring this (rollerskating) back?”

“only if there’s 80’s clothes involved”

“well how else would we dress? that’s how we did it, so that’s how we’ll do it”

“Heck yes. Stan’s Skateland! Doing it.”

I can always count on her. She’s pretty much up for anything different, weird, fun, funny, entertaining (the list goes on, but I’ll stop there)… just wait until we get to the volcano boarding we have planned, that was just as easy of a question. But back to skating…

I mentioned we wanted to do this 80’s style right? (I ask this as if I can’t go back and read what I wrote). Did I also mention that 1. it’s not the 80’s anymore and 2. kids go there to hang out and be “cool” like we used to… doubtful that includes 80’s clothing. Okay, continuing with the story now that I’ve made those two points clear.

We wore 80’s clothes… well 3 (Miss Marilyn Monroe, Adventure Woman, and myself) out of the 10 of us wore 80’s clothes… bright colored clothes might I add. We went all out… confident in our decision despite the other 7’s hesitation (and probably logical thought process). We strutted into that roller rink like we were the absolute coolest chicks you ever did see. And we were. Still are. I think. I mean, those 12 year-olds looked us UP annnnd DOWN head-to-toe, obviously jealous of our coolness. They were so jealous they even pointed us out to their friends, giggling amongst each other about how silly they looked compared to us, bumping into us as they skated by in hopes of our coolness rubbing off on them, I can’t even put into words how cool we were to those kids. Obviously, only inspiring me to embrace my inner coolness more often… the attention felt, well, kinda like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed… bucket list add: be cool. Check?

I see your jealousy boiling over at this point. Just wait to watch the video.

Side note: the grace we had as children did not carry over to adulthood… except with Lady V, she glided like a dancing pro… One day I’ll grow up to be like her. Thanks to Miss Marilyn Monroe, Lady V, Adventure Woman, Adventure Woman’s adventurous husband, Adventure Woman’s adventurous brothers, the dancing queen, and the fairly odd couple (as named by adventure woman)… same time next month? Cool.

Prepare to feel jealousy:

Okay just kidding… that’s not us… here we are:

7 thoughts on “I’m no less clumsy on wheels

  1. My jealousy is indeed boiling over…of the wooden roller floor (ours is concrete) and of your 80s apparel (especially the blue skates, which remind me in no small way of my childhood Smurf skates). Fantastically done!

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