VCU + GMU = College Basketball Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just checking in to say I’m headed on another spontaneous adventure to the VCU v. GMU game tonight and pretty much looking forward to the best way to spend this love-filled day. I had plans of catching the game at Bdubs or Home Team Grill with a few friends tonight… but my plans went a little like this

“Hey old friend and equal enthusiastic VCU basketball loving fan who I dated in high school, wanna watch the game tonight?”

“Uhh… yeah, it’s Valentine’s Day… don’t think my girlfriend would be too excited about me watching the game with you on Valentine’s Day.”

Crap. It issss Valentine’s Day isn’t it. What does a girl have to do to watch basketball on a day like today? Let’s turn to Facebook.

“Okay so who wants to watch the VCU v. GMU game with me tonight in Fredericksburg? Screw valentine’s day… this beats love by ten thousand times. Where are you watching it tonight world?”
I got some supportive responses, a lot of thumbs up (I like the thumbs up and the fact that you like what I say, but I asked where people, where!)… but the best one yet & the winning response, “so where’s the game? GMU? Wanna go?” YESSSSSSSSS!OF COURSE!YES!
Can’t focus… game tonight. Rams vs. the Patriots… both tied (with Drexel… stupid dragons) for #1 with the record of 13-2 in the conference, VCU leading in the CAA with the best overall record of the three: 22-5. It’ll be intense. Watch it. Don’t miss it. 9PM EST Comcast Sportsnet… I’ll be the one with the awesome sign (so vague, I know… the point is, just watch).

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