The Way To My Heart… is through your second-nature-social-media-reaction-sharing syndrome

I believe I found my soul mate today. His name is Brad Keselowski and he made history at the Daytona 500 – probably not the kind of history you’d imagine one would make at such an event, but the one that caught my attention and made me a little weak in the knees. I must be honest though, I knew not that he existed before this moment… but I’ll stick to my claims of soul mate. You see, Mr. Brad fully demonstrated second-nature-social-media-reaction-sharing syndrome. At the moment of emergency on the track, Mr. Brad didn’t think, “let me call for help,” “let me go see if everyone’s okay,” “let me take this opportunity to take a potty break…” no Mr. Brad pulled that smart phone geniousness out of his pocket (according to Twitter) and tweeted that fire-y accident to the world

This moment will be written in the history books… or at least on all those social networks out there to be shared with friends of friends of friends… as the first tweet from a driver racing in Daytona 500.

Now don’t feel alarmed if you too are feeling your heartbeat increase and a few beads of sweat forming on your forehead, maybe even a little heavier breathing, this is totally normal, it’s a common side effect to second-nature-social-media-reaction-sharing syndrome attraction.

Mr.Brad’s syndrome is fairly rare in that it can actually give the illusion as a knight in shining armor to some… his horse in the form of a fast race car (we are in 2012 people, white horses were so last century). The moral of the story, Mr. Brad knows how to woo a lady. Gentlemen, take note… some ladies may love poetry, some may love romance, but the true way to any social lady’s heart… a man who takes life to the social media world without thinking twice… second-nature-social-media-reaction-sharing syndrom, that’s the way to this gal’s heart. (just fyi… there’s truth in there).

Bucket list: find soul mate – check (it didn’t say it had to be reciprocated… minor details people, I’m gonna need you look at the bigger picture here… social media + fast cars = love) check soul check mate check.

That is all for today

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