Why Arizona?… Oh yeah, that’s why!

Hey world! Guess what! I climbed a mountain… like a serious moutain – that’s a check off the ol’ bucket list! You see pretty lady who shall remain nameless (who actually in fact has been earlier named and will be named again later in this post) and I took our adventures to the Red Rocks in Arizona. I’m not sure Arizona fully prepared itself when we announced we were coming… but then again, maybe we weren’t fully prepared either…

We had dreams of extreme adventure, mountain singing, and grand canyon hiking… some of which we prepared for, some we definitely did not…

We thought maybe after that little mini unplanned adventure, maybe this time we should prepare for hiking local style. So we asked our bed-n-breakfast hosts (highly recommend Desert Rose Bed and Breakfast by the way… yes a little mini plug, deal) and our bed-n-breakfast friends, Judy, Joe, Jim, and Janet (yes those were their real names) what time we’d need to leave to make it to the Grand Canyon for sunrise. They gave us times and directions so we could plan accordingly for the next morning before going out that evening for Arizona Stronghold’s 2nd birthday celebration and a little fun hanging with the locals at Rendezvous. Again, things didn’t go quite as planned…

Needless to say… we needed to express what the world was doing to us…

So we didn’t make it to the Grand Canyon, but our adventures in Arizona were unreal. The trip was by far one of the best I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend visiting Cottonwood, Jerome, and Sedona at least once in your life. Rent a little car and zoom around those red rocks. Attend an early morning festival, drink beer, and wander off a trail up the side of a serious mountain. Meet a few hippies that over-took a ghost town that sits a mile above the rest, I promise that part will be worth all the stories. Forget all of your fears and stand with your toes over the edge of a steep ledge overlooking the towns far below you. Take every adventure that pops up, make no plans, but buy a map… just drive and see where that takes you, my bet, it’ll take you somewhere cool. Just remember… breathe… Just breathe.

More of our trip:

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