Is chivalry really dead?

After yesterday’s birthday celebration for my grandmother, my mind has been on a wander. It was touching in a way I can’t express through words to watch my grandmother watch the video I put together with her old photographs. She’s usually a strong woman that doesn’t show much excitement or emotion (I obviously did not get my emotional expression from her). However, watching her reaction to some of the photos was just incredible. The best of all though, when the last song on the video, “I can’t give you anything but love, baby,” began to play I saw a spark in her eyes as she sat up a little straighter leaning in to be sure she was hearing correctly. I then heard her say sweetly with a little excitement in her voice, “That’s the song… the song El used to sing me when he was courting me.” She continued to tell us back then “everyone was poor so that’s all he could give [her].” It was possibly the most precious thing I’ve ever watched her say.

I think that moment will forever be engrained in me. I want that. I want that never-dying, deep love. My Pop Pop died about fifteen years ago and watching her today listen to that song with tears in her eyes… it was touching to say the least. In most ways, I’m quite forward thinking, independent, and an equal opportunist, but in some ways… the old-fashion traditions catch my heart. It’s the little mannerisms that catch my attention to be honest; when you’re walking down a street and the guy walks closest to the roadside, when a guy opens the door for you and guides you through by the small of your back, when a guy looks you in the eye with interest in what you have to say, when a guy opens the car door for you… I could go on… but these are just a few of those old-fashion chivalrous things that slightly melt my heart yet I’ve experienced little of and rarely in the same occasion. Yet, I’ve learned… if you’re the kind of guy that plays games, I’m not the one for you. The whole, wait three days to call… doesn’t really work on me (I’ve mentioned before, I have a slight case of ADD). I do however have high hopes chivalry is not completely dead… It might just take a bit longer to find it. Here’s to hoping.

7 thoughts on “Is chivalry really dead?

  1. And that’s the way it should be!
    I’m looking forward to hear Mom (your Grandma Ree) talk about that video the next time we talk. You done good Girl!!

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