On the long road ahead

On my drive home yesterday from my friend’s wedding in Lawrenceburg, KY I had a long beautiful drive to evaluate my life, my career, and the things that make me happiest. There have been a lot of thoughts rolling through my head recently about my career path, what has kept me happy recently and from that, what it’ll take to keep my happiness for the long-term. Driving yesterday answered some of that. This weekend adventure helped me realize that each time I am able to get away and see things that I don’t see every day, all of those stresses that I hold onto disappear, even if only for those few days. Now, I know that I can’t afford to do adventures like this every weekend… but I’ve realized that the monotony of going to work in the same environment every day, coming home to work more in the same environment every day, and having such a jammed pack schedule that consists of a lot of work (I’m not complaining about working… just the monotony of the schedule) is really wearing on me. I need change, I need flexibility, and I need a little adventure.

You see, I was blessed and cursed at the same time by having the parents that I have. They exposed me to long road trips up and down the east coast, to camping, tubing, state parks, crowds, and a variety of other adventurous outings. They reminded my sister, brother, and me that we could do anything that we put our minds to (and actually meant it), that we were responsible to make our own decisions (which meant we were also responsible for accepting all consequences when we made stupid decisions), and that life should be whatever makes us happy. Blessing right? I think so. Yet, at times I also find it to be a curse because I’m unable to find contentment. And maybe that’s a good thing, but sometimes… it definitely causes an unsettling stir in my lifestyle.

Due to my inability to find contentment with my lifestyle and constant desire to want more, I often hear that my head is in the clouds, I live far from reality, and that it’s all just a set up for disappointment… don’t worry, sometimes I think that too. But when I make those long drives and I have the opportunity to see parts of the world through fresh eyes, I’m reminded that anything is possible and that there is a lot more out there. The world was meant to be explored, not overlooked by monotonous activity.

I want to see the world. I want to make a difference. I want more.

7 thoughts on “On the long road ahead

  1. Oh my gosh, I am reading a book “Making your life count – 7 Laws of Higher Prosperity” and I had just gotten to a part in the story about a poor humble wood gatherer named Sam who dreams of bigger things and he says –
    “There was indeed something worse than poverty. There was something worse than ridicule. There was something infinitely worse. It was to dream – to listen to your own heart . . . and then do nothing. . . ” So amazing = )

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