The single learning from the married: How to get free drinks…

Guys always say that girls have it so easy when we go out because we don’t have to pay for anything. Well this girl right here has never really had that luck. Me being one of the few single ones in the group was puzzled by the fact that the married ladies got free drinks long before a guy even looked vaguely in my direction. What’s the deal? Is it that whole single-must-be-desperate vibe radiating off my skin? Is an immediate alert sent out when I walk in a room “[sound sirens] Stage 5 Clinger on the loose! Abort! Abort! I repeat stage 5 clinger on the loose!”

Finally one night, I felt an urgency (because this is important in the life of a woman, evidently) to learn the trade… “adventure woman, what is your secret?!” So adventure woman decided to walk pretty lady who shall remain nameless and me through the 7 rules of how to get a guy to buy you a drink. I must say, Chicago (once again) was blindsided by the trio-storm that happened that weekend. And I must admit, girl’s got skills… we only paid for one drink all weekend. How about them apples.



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