Successful Friend-Making Quite Unconventionally

As a social media connector, I’ve enjoyed meeting an array of people through my various outlets over the last few years. It’s kind of funny how many of my friends I’ve met entirely through a social network connection of some sort. Gosh, I must have terrified my parents growing up. I probably should have been (and maybe still should be to some extent) one of those kids on a milk carton or in a Lifetime Movie… like the Craigslist Killer… well maybe not that intense… I’m not a craigslist-personal-ad-peruser.

Today, though, I’m not here to talk about what could have been with my friend-making, but instead the successes of one in particular. One of my most recent connections has become a very trusted voice of reason and idea-bouncer over the last couple of months. Tomorrow is a very exciting moment for him and I’m honored to have the opportunity to share with you his talents.

Jae Jin is a talented musician and writer in the Baltimore, MD area and I’m proud to share his newest released Holiday CD with you. I’m not much for holiday music long before Christmas arrives, but his voice is angelic and sends chills down my back. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful sound that echoes in his voice and must admit that I’ve had these songs looping continuously.

Congratulations Jae on another successful collection. Best wishes tomorrow on your release and celebration!

Let your ears enjoy and happy holidays to all of you!

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