Family of Inspiration

Getting up early to drive to my next stop I find I’m often one of very few on the road which gives me time to fade off into my thoughts as my music navigates me through them. Yesterday morning as I left Gulfport, MS I thought about my stay with Josh & Kayt Saturday evening and it made me really appreciate my short time with them.

Tired after my Chattanooga adventure, I spent most of my visit quietly observing their young family interactions. It was one of the most beautiful families to have the opportunity to watch.

Kayt is a gorgeous young mom, pregnant with their second. She engages with Adam (their son) like a well-seasoned mom would; giving no impression of her age or that he is her first. Her love for her husband shines through with no doubt or hesitation. It was truly inspiring to witness the two of them interact. The compassion they showed for one another was comforting and relaxed. There was this calm they’ve created in their home, which I imagine is partially why their son, Adam, was such a well-behaved and fun-loving two-year-old. That kid smiled and laughed with every word that came out of his mouth. Especially with his interchangeable usage of “dad” and “Josh.” It was as if he knew he probably shouldn’t call his dad by his first name but it was thrilling to him to rebel against the norm. Smart kid.

It’s not often I get to witness a dad engage with his kid the way Josh handled Adam. I’ve known Josh for about 12 years, so for me it’s neat to see him in this new role as a husband and father. Watching this young family makes me hopeful that love isn’t hokie. It makes me believe that there are still honest relationships where people admire one another and have a deep respect for one another in a way that words cannot explain.

Beautiful is honestly the best descriptor I have for what I witnessed. And I’m so thankful for my time with them.


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