Childhood Memories of Buffett… Totally Normal.

So the 30 day challenge hasn’t gone quite as good as I had hoped… but I promise my weekend was well worth the slip up this early on. This past weekend was one of the best weekends I’ve had in awhile. Saturday triggered some really ridiculously good memories that may involved Buffett, Daisy Duke shorts, and a lot of inappropriate things I probably shouldn’t have been exposed to as a child.

You see, I grew up with parrotheads for parents… I mean it, parrotheads… not like the squawking, feathery animals… that would just be weird. More like the hippy-ish, paradise-chasing, hawaiian shirt wearing, Jimmy Buffett fanatics. Yep, that would be my parents. And to many parents’ horror or concern, I grew up going to at least one of his concerts every summer since I was eight. They were possibly some of my favorite family memories… don’t judge, I promise, they were good parents, maybe a little crazy… well, a lot bit crazy, but good nonetheless.

This past Saturday I went with a group of friends to a Buffett concert in Wisconsin. Not sure why I thought it’d be some kind of different from those I’d grown up going to… but maybe I was just a little rusty… it’s been a few years, give a girl a break… I know jeans were a bad choice.

Jimmy Buffett Concert

I may have had a stranger, but more specifically a steady-hand dentist stranger, cut my jeans down to shorts because the heat was unreal.

Buffett 2013 Jeans  Buffett 2013 Jeans 2Buffett 2013 Jeans 3

I may have even seen more boobs than I ever wanted to see in a lifetime, but I am a girl, so it’s not like I haven’t seen them before. Buffett 2013 Boobs And I definitely saw the full spectrum of Buffett fans… from those wild college kids that can’t handle their alcohol, to the old-timer that knew every word to every song, to the stuffy woman that likes the music but is “above” the shenanigans, to the couple that want to sit at the concert and scold the people in front of them for dancing in the way of their view, to the hula girl that just wants to dance no matter what’s playing… yeah… there’s one of these at every Buffett concert.

Buffett 2013 3

Each made me chuckle and took me back to the memories I have of different run-ins as a kid with my parents with those wildly different characters I just described. Don’t worry my mom typically covered my eyes when boobs were flashed or my dad plugged my ears when the song “Get drunk and screw” came on… probably the only song of his I don’t know every word to, and they definitely encouraged us to dance regardless of the grumpy couple that may or may not have been behind us.

Those concerts were probably what I looked forward to most about summer… it was one of the few times my family could actually enjoy each other without arguing over something stupid… and even if we did, I can’t for the life of me remember it. Sometimes I really miss those outings we had, all five of us together. I don’t always like to reminiscence about my family younger years, because I find that I’m still a little numb from my parents’ separation in my later years… but reflecting on some of those summer adventures we had…  it really put me in a good place.

What’s your favorite memory with your family?


3 thoughts on “Childhood Memories of Buffett… Totally Normal.

  1. I love Buffet!! Favorite family memories sleeping in tents along side beautiful lake catching & eating some of the most delicious fish I have ever tasted… Thanks for the memory jog.

  2. Squia-b-dia! 🙂 You guys ALWAYS fell asleep just before that song! And how bout the times you guys worked your way toward the stage, asking exiting patrons for their tickets? You all always managed to get to the front rows!!! Even made it up on the stage!!! And who used to sneak sips of the wine coolers? Those definitely were the days!!! Avid Parrotheads are some mighty creative tailgaters!!! My parrothead addiction actually started back around 1976/77. Can’t think of anything better than a little bit ‘o fruitcakes around here! 😉

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