Be Bold.

Pull up a seat, get comfortable… I want to share something with you that I learned on my trip.

Before I left, and leading up to when I left in May, I struggled with confidence in my skills, abilities, and myself in general. In my head I could be such a tough guy, but when I spoke… it surely didn’t always come out. It wasn’t uncommon for me to give into someone else’s wants regardless of mine, because I wasn’t good at saying no. Even worse, I wasn’t confident in what I knew or my worth enough to say no. I think people knew it was easy to take advantage of me, so they did, whether meant maliciously or not… and I allowed it.

On the road I met so many strong women. Women my own age were working on their second or third business, spoke as if they had 30 years of experience, and knew they were going to make it, whether they really knew what they were doing or not. They were honest about their failures, owned their mistakes, and grew stronger with each challenge. It was incredibly empowering to be introduced to so many strong females in their twenties that are so successful. The most inspiring part of it, they were real… I mean, they were down to earth and didn’t pretend to be something they weren’t. They were open, encouraging, and supportive. It helped me to see my worth and the value I add to work, people, and life in general. Sometimes I hear the things that I say now when standing up for myself and I think, who am I? Six months ago, some of those things wouldn’t have even popped in my head, let alone, out of my mouth. I have a much clearer picture of what I want, what I’m capable of, and what I offer the world and those around me.

Someone I very much admire told me today that I need to be bold. She told me to be confident in my decision and that I don’t have to do everything the “right” way. Meaning, following a rigid path in the way we’re raised, “you have to do this before doing that,” doesn’t have to be my way. Nothing is permanent. It’s just for right now.

Be bold

Be bold, be confident, and own what you do. You’re strong, talented, and capable of accomplishing anything you dedicate yourself to.

2 thoughts on “Be Bold.

  1. Duuuhhhh DO WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT AND WHY YOU WANT TO… Its how ya have to roll when you want to love your life. And if you mess up, its not a failure, its a learning experience and if people don’t like it or they doubt you, its their problem, prove ’em wrong. Work hard, play hard, takes risks, love your life and don’t regret one decision you make only learn from them 🙂 Rock on with your bold self.

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