I watched the sun set from the top of the world

… Or so it felt. Last weekend Mr. Gentleman Caller and I took quite the adventurous journey to the highest point in West Virginia, which just so happens to be only about a three hour drive from my apartment. The original plan didn’t begin here however, the top of the world sensation only happened by chance… and it was one hell of a breathtaking  chance if you ask me.

Originally we had goals of camping in a National Park and walking almost type-rope across this incredible swinging bridge we found in a picture online… we had no clue if it really existed, but we were determined to find it.

Saturday morning we began our venture west. Remember earlier how I said it was a three hour drive? Well we turned it into a full day of driving (do not mistake that fact for complaint… it was part of what made this adventure adventure-worthy). Driving with no set time, directions, or pre-planned destination is one of my absolute favorite things. So that’s exactly what we did. I sat shotgun with an atlas and a camera as we found ourselves on roads you could never find on Google Maps, no matter how close you zoomed in on satellite view. Thank goodness for my mom’s sense of adventure and my dad’s impecable sense of direction that I’ve graciously inherited.

In search of our old swinging bridge, Mr. Gentleman Caller zoomed around turns and down mountain sides that tricked my stomach into thinking I was on the most beautiful roller coaster any life could have experienced. The swinging bridge was found, but unfortunately it was a four to six hour hike and being that we turned our adventure into a roadtrip extravaganza, this would have to be saved for another trip (*fingers crossed* with hope there will be a next trip). Upon finding this bridge, we also came across this newly opened log cabin adventure motel & rustic cabin rentals aka Nelson Rocks Outdoor Center (if you ever find yourself near the top of the world of WV, definitely check into this spot, I loved every bit of it!).

Since the bridge was out, we ventured on to accomplish original goal number two of our adventure: find a breathtaking location to photograph the sunset. See, Mr. Gentleman Caller and I may possibly have this ongoing bet of who is more obsessed with sunsets (I obviously am… he just hasn’t been clued in yet). There will be more on this bet in coming posts… you will be asked to weigh in, so get your poker faces straight and your voting fingers ready (because I will win… and you will assist me in this… duh).

Back to the goal! We heard that Spruce Knob was 17 miles from where we were and it just so happens Spruce Knob is the highest point in all of West Virginia (do you feel my story getting climatic? Are you connecting the dots? Yeah? Okay… I’ll continue). So these 17 miles possibly took all of an hour to drive because those 17 miles were made up of one long pin-curve, windy, dirt road only wide enough for one small car that we managed to fit a large vehicle on it’s path… it was working out for the most part until we came head on with a rather large RV that was most definitely no small car… predicament? Yes slightly… Well, it only made it a bit more exciting… or at lease I, as co-pilot (not driver with someone else’s life in their hands, no pressure right?) thought it made it a bit more exciting.

Finally we made it to the top… the breathtaking spot to properly photograph a Saturday evening sunset. Only, we had no idea just how breathtaking it would turn out to be. The hike to the highest point turned into hiking off the trail to find ourselves on this grassy knoll that had a 360 degree view of the entire state… no big deal right? Possibly one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Mr. Gentleman Caller lucked out in his chivalrous courting extravaganza with this spot where we sat and ate our picnic dinner as we nerd-ishly shared photography tips while the sun set it’s pink and orange tints over the blue-hued mountaintops. Breathtaking? No, I think there are no real words for what this truly was… breathtaking was only one aspect of it.

Take a look for yourself, but know that no photograph will ever do this view justice, not even in the littlest bit.

On the drive up the mountain

Setting up the picnic exactly in the middle of this grassy knoll

4 thoughts on “I watched the sun set from the top of the world

  1. How fun! You’ve inspired me to add this to our Infinty List (our version of a bucket list…only far more random and not quite as creepy hahahaha)

    • Definitely add it to your list, it’s breathtaking! Glad I could contribute to your list 🙂 and that sounds way better than a bucket list! Haha

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